À propos de nous

Who We Are

We are a bunch of enthusiasts that want to do something good each day. We are creative, passionate and have a knack for Luxury. We believe that fashion, comfort & luxury should not only be for Humans. Our pets deserve far better lifestyle than they currently have - and this is the motto by which constantly encourage ourselves to curate something out of the box

What We Do

We merge trends and fashion and create products that are epitome of luxury. Our lifestyle products blend well with all interior types, so you can proudly display them in front of everyone. They would, in fact, add a bit of charm to your living space. 

We also create products that have utility, are durable and add value to the life of the purchaser. We do not believe in creating empty shells.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the go to brand for any service or product that one required for their pets. We aim to launch verticals that cover all things pet

  • Petter Sleep : Luxury Pet Beds & Mattresses (Launched)
  • Petter Care : Veterinary & grooming services for Pets (pipelined)
  • Petter Health : Nutritious & lip-smacking feast for Pets (pipelined)
  • Petter Living : Fashion for pets - Clothing & Accessories (pipelined).

Why Luxury Pet Beds

 Well, Why not?